Citizenship Matters

“What does it mean to have your CITIZENSHIP

at F.J. Reitz High School?”  

When you have your Citizenship Rating, it means you are eligible to….

  • participate in the Turnabout and Prom dances  

  • be a member of the homecoming/prom court(s)

  • be a member of the Student Council

  • be a member of National Honor Society

  • run and serve for class officer elections

  • serve as a commencement flower girl

  • be a commencement speaker, salutatorian or valedictorian  

Citizenship is maintained by meeting the following expectations:

  • No suspensions

  • No more than one AEA (in-school suspension)

  • No more than 5 lates to school and/or class

  • No more than 2 periods of truancy

Citizenship is re-instated at the start of each semester.