What is Dual Credit?

Many families are still not aware of the wonderful programs Reitz High School has connected with the colleges/universities that allow students to earn college credits while they are still in high school. It is possible to have completed many hours to replace college courses before leaving RHS and all at a reduced tuition rate or free! These courses are offered at a much reduced tuition rate if connected through USI (some as low as $25/credit hour) and free tuition if connected through IVY Tech. Even better news for students who are on a free/reduced lunch planall of these courses are tuition free whether it is USI or IVY Tech. These courses are offered in every area of our curriculum at RHS.


In the 2012-13 school year we had 23 freshmen, 29 sophomores, 135 juniors and 118 seniors enrolled in dual credit/college credit courses earning approximately 2,300 credit hours. Our graduating class of 2013 had 199 students out of 315 (which is 63%) earn dual credit during their junior/senior years) for a total of 2,928 dual credit hours. When you add that up at about $240 per credit hour at the colleges, it is over $700,000 (estimated) saved by senior parents who are enrolling college students this year. When you also take into consideration the savings of room and board for an entire year of college, you are looking at a built in scholarship of approximately $20,000 by earning your college freshmen year credits while in high school.


We talk to our students every year about the opportunities to earn these college credits while still in high school. These courses are identified on every enrollment sheet that is handed out each November to students and families. We are hoping this will bring more parents up-to-date about this opportunity. RHS offers college credits in the following courses:


Language Arts Humanities Business/Art/Tech/FACS Math Science
AP Literature AP Euro History Info Comm/Technology Precalculus Anatomy
AP Language AP US History PLTW Intro Engineering AP Calculus AP Biology II
Journalism French IV PLTW Princ Engineering

AP Chemistry II
*Adv. Speech/Comm German IV Early Child Education
Princ BioMed Science

Spanish IV Strategic Marketing
Human Body Science

Feel the History Adv Art/Drawing
Medical Interventions

AP Government

BioMed Innovations

AP Microeconomics

*AP Physics I

* World History/Civ Honors

* Courses to be linked 2014-15


We continue to add courses to the list annually. We are hoping that more families will be able to take advantage of this opportunity in the future. If you have any further questions about our course offerings, feel free to contact a counselor at 435-8204 or Mrs. Harrington at 435-8200.