AP Info 2016

Students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses are expected to prepare for and take AP exams in May.  These exams are the culmination of coursework and an opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning.   Students should feel confident knowing that their teachers have ensured that their curricula meets or exceeds College Board expectations. In addition, research shows that students who take their AP exams, regardless of their final score on College Board tests, perform at higher levels in college and graduate at a much higher four-year rate compared to peers who opt out of their AP exams.

Two important documents accompany this letter.  The first document is the AP Exam Registration Form which must be completed and returned to the bookstore no later than Friday, March 18, 2016.  The fee for each AP exam is $92.  However, the Indiana Department of Education will cover the full exam fee for the 2016 math, science, and English Advanced Placement (AP) exams taken by 11th and 12th grade students who are enrolled in the corresponding AP course offered at Reitz.  In addition, students qualifying for free/reduced lunch will not be charged exam fees that correspond to the AP courses in which they are enrolled.

The second document is the 2015-16 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents.  The bulletin contains information about AP exams as well as exam security and administration policies and procedures.  On exam day, students will be asked to indicate that they understand and agree to the policies and procedures included in this publication.

Families may request to opt their student out of an AP College Board exam if the cost of the exam is not covered.  In the event that a student/guardian wishes to override the expectation to take an AP exam, the student should contact the school’s Assistant Principal, Mrs. Baker, to schedule a meeting no later than Friday, March 4, 2016.  The student will not be permitted to opt out of the exam until the request is approved and an opt out form is signed by the teacher, counselor, principal, and parent.  Any student in an AP course who opts out of an AP exam will not receive the “AP” course designation on his/her transcript.   In addition, if a student changes her/his mind at a later date, the option to take the exam may no longer be available.

Below are the AP exam dates that correspond to the AP courses currently offered at Reitz High School.




Monday May 2, 2016


8 a.m.

Tuesday May 3, 2016

Physics 1: Algebra-Based


Wednesday May 4, 2016

English Literature & Composition

8 a.m.

Thursday May 5, 2016

Calculus AB

8 a. m.

Friday May 6, 2016

U. S. History

8 a.m.

Tuesday May 10, 2016

U. S. Government & Politics

8 a.m.

Wednesday May 11, 2016

English Language & Composition

8 a.m.

Friday May 13, 2016


8 a.m.

Please note that students access their AP scores in July by creating an account at www.collegeboard.org/register .  Once an account is created, students can sign in at www.apscore.org to view their scores.  Students will need to enter their 8 digit AP number that is located on the labels in the AP Student Pack that they will receive on exam day.  So, students should retain their AP student pack so they can verify scores.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 812-435-8200.

Megan Baker
Assistant Principal/AP Coordinator